How Long Will This Build Last?

Hi everyone :)

I recently Built a high end computer,
and I am wondering how many years it will last before graphics become too advanced for it

these are the specs:

mobo: Maximus IV Extreme Z

GPU: 3 way SLI MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III's

CPU: i5 2500K sand bridge OC at 4.2Ghz (for now, will OC higher when it become necessary, and will buy new CPU when it becomes obsolete)

RAM: 2 x 4GB corsair 1333MH

PSU: 1200w

not sure how many years ill get out of it so please comment if u have any ideas
thanks everyone :)
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  1. you should be fine for 2-3 years considering your probably playing at 1080p.
  2. i dont see the point of building a computer with 3 graphics cards
    every generation of cards are faster and they are usually equal to two of the last gens in terms of performance
    get a single good gpu and enjoy it, upgrade when needed. you dont have to upgrade every series you can skip every two series to see better improvements for the buck.
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    yeah!at higher resolutions 1.2gb vram will bottleneck(AA/MSAA eats up a lot of vram :( ).your 2500k@4.2ghz is powerful enough.don't need any upgrade here.
    i hope you have a quality 1200w to feed those 570s.if you can sell those 570s and collect some money then 7950 CF would be a sweet choice ;)
  4. It depends on the resolution you play at, how many screens, how important AA and AF is to you, what games you play, and what FPS you consider to be 'acceptable'.

    As a general rule of thumb, assuming your setup 1080p, high quality settings, with just a little AA/AF, and finding 30+FPS acceptable:
    entry level cards will only play old games properly
    mid-level cards (550-560Ti) will game for 1-2 years
    performance cards (570-590) will play well for 3-5 years
    multiple cards will eek out an extra year per card for games that support SLi (which most do, but not all, and not all do it well)

    So assuming you are playing at 1080-1200p then you should be able to keep up at high quality at playable fps (30+) for the next 5-7 years unless something dramatic happens in the game industry. Obviously, if 30fps is too low for your tastes, or if you are playing at higher res, or multiple monitors, or in 3D, or with 16xAA, then you will have to replace your cards much sooner, but as you did not give us much to go on that is my best guess.
    If you require 60+fps then I would guess ~2-4 years
    If at 120+FPS or 3D then I would guess 2-3 years
  5. all of those nice parts and then 1333 ram? Really?
    Was $15 just 'too expensive' to go with 1600? or did you recycle the ram from an old build? If it is not too late I would return the ram and get the faster stuff. I use 1333 for my build and it is 'good enough' but I am not a gamer with 3 GPUs in my rig either.
  6. 1333 and 1600 hardly matters.i prefer 1600 though.
  7. Should be set for at least 5 years, but as said before it depends what resolutions and details you intend to play it.

    Generally going with the best single card set up you can afford, then adding a second when one just isnt cutting it anymore is the best way to do it. GTX 570's have been around for a while so im not sure where to motive came from to buy three.

    A single 7970 would have been a better option. Then add a second one in a few years time when the price has dropped and more performance is required. Even then, selling the 7970 and buying the newest best single card set up could be a better choice.
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  9. thanks for replies everyone :)
    I decided ill sell the 570's and get either a 590 or a 7950?

    Im good with Nvidia cards but i dont know anything about amd cards.

    would you recommend getting the 590 or the best amd card (not sure what it is)

    or maybe even waiting till the next gen 600's and the equivalent AMD series come out and getting one of those?

    as i said dont know anything bout amd cards.

    which card would u recommend if i was looking at the best card i could get?

    thanks again :)
  10. 590 isn't a great idea.i am sure your setup will suffer from intense heat and noise.power consumption is horrible.7970 is under $600.
  11. If your thinking of changing your GPU, don't buy into any "old-tech".

    Either look at AMD 7xxx series, or Nvidia 6xx series.
  12. ^+1
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