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GTX550ti and FSP SAGA II 400W

Will the GTX550Ti work with my FSP SAGA II 400W

Corei3 2.93ghz
intel dh55tc
1tb 7200RPM hdd
2x2gb ddr3 1333mhz
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    It should work. 2 rails of +12V of 17A each!
  2. I suggest you to get 6790/6770 over 550ti card.
  3. noways lost interest in ati/amd
  4. What lost interest? 550 ti is worse than a 6790. And 6790 priced just bit more than 550ti probably.
    Ati/Amd has lower power consumption my friend, you should not lost interest.

    No, No NO, don't decide things from hwcompare, because it IS NOT reliable. Look out for reviews out there and see if 550 ti is not good in price/performance.
  5. lost interest in ATI coz have used it ...
    HD5670 1GB DDR5 currently
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