New heatsink recommendation for my 435mt motherboard in HAF912 tower

Looking for a new heatsink compatible with: (had trouble finding official specs)

Just recently updated some components and put existing pieces into a HAF912 mid tower:

Upgraded video card to a Radeon 7870:

** Want to replace heatsink with something that will fit my current mobo AND will potentially fit into a new motherboard in the near future, probably an Intel i7 Sandy Bridge
(I can't seem to find out the size/specs of my current heatsink and the space available in this mobo for a new one)

Thank you very much for your assistance. Also, all of my RAM inputs are occupied.
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  1. The Cooler Master Hyper 212EVO is currently the best bang for buck air cooler out there right now
    There are better coolers but the price goes way up for those. And, if you're wondering, it will have no problem fitting your case - I believe it is high enough that it will clear all but the largest ram heatsinks (you won't be able to pull them most likely without removing the heatsink fans at least though).
    Hope it helps some
  2. Thank you for your help, I'd agree, this one looks good and like it will fit my PC.
  3. It WILL fit in your PC.
    Friend's PC I helped him build:
  4. Which the cooler master fits, the nonproprietory Dell motherboards native CPU cooler backplate is NOT removable, and you will not be able to install the CoolerMaster 212Hyper. I ordered mine a few days ago, and was bummed out to find out that while everything fits, theoretically, the CPU cooler cannot be mounted due to standoffs that come with the coolermaster are not compatible with the native backplate. If you would like some updates, I will provide as soon as I try with the standoffs that I will try to get in a hardware store.
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