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Hello I'm new to toms hardware form, I have used it many, many times before to help resolve my own issues. I have a question that is somewhat relevant lol. I'm currently using a ASUS CROSSHAIR AM2 motherbaord. I'm planning a running a SLI setup in the near future however I'm stuck on what cards to buy. I will be using one card for at least a month until I can afford the next one. Dose anyone have any good recommendations for this particular board?

My goal is to MAX THIS BOARD!! I want to get the best performance out of it as possible.

I currently have my cpu overclocked to 2.86ghz, I used AI Overckock utility at 10%. My system is stable 100% of the time, however I cannot use AI NOS overclock it just buggs out.
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  1. Your CPU is the limiting factor and there are single card solutions out that it can not keep up with!
    Post you full system specs inclusive of PSU and we can recommend something!
  2. My full system specs are.

    Motherboard - Asus Crosshair (am2)
    Cpu - AMD 9950 Black Edition
    Ram - 6gb Kingston pc26400 (400mhz ddr2)
    PSU - OCZ zs750 (750watt)
    Hdd - 1tb hitachi & 2tb western digital Green
    Gpu - Radeon x1650 (DONT LAUGH AT ME ....)
    Cooling - Corsair H60 w/two 120mm antec 3 blue led fans installed on rad. I also have two 120mm antec 3 fans in my case,I also use the voltage cooler fan that came with my motherboard,my power supply has one 120mm fan inside & i have a 80mm arctic cooling f12 installed on my wd hdd.

    I'm pretty sure that my power supply can handle two gpu's, however I'm not even sure if I need two. I play allot of high end games ( not recently due to my x1650) I had a gtx 260 install for the longest time and one day I heard a LOUD pop/bang? I realized that one of the voltage regulators on the card literally exploded and bent the casing around the fan. I have no idea what would cause this I even called xfx and they did not believe me!!! anyways yea lol...
  3. With those specs I would go with a single GTX560Ti!
  4. In all honesty is this motherboard even worth putting money into ? I mean its a nice board with good features but it's old. I have always been a intel fan however everything AMD is so much cheaper!!! I have a budget of about 300$ to put into this, I really want a rampage iv motherboard but clearly can't afford it lol thats why I was thinking about just maxing this board with 8gb ram,Oc the cpu to 3-4ghz,new gpu & eventually a SSD with bluray burner and better water cooling setup. Or spend my 300$ on a new i7/am3 motherboard and look at it until i come up with the cash to finish the build lol. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and don't know what to do lol..... any advice
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    actually upgrade your gpu first, you'll see a biggest performance jump right there and bring your computer up to being able to play the newer games. that'll buy you some time for you to save up the money to buy a new Cpu/Motherboard/ram.
  6. Thanks for the reply's. I really appreciate the help
  7. Putting in a modern GPU that can be moved over to a new build is going to increase your gaming experience and really the best you can do with in your budget at the moment.
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