GTX 550 Ti on generic 750w PSU

Ok, here's what I currently got:

Delux ATX-750W P4 (2 12V rails, total of 51A)

Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz

Ram: 8GB DDR3 (2x 4GB) Kingston

Motherboard: DH67GD

Video Card: GT 520 2gb

Everything works well, but now I have to change the Video Card and get a GTX 550 Ti. My problem is that I've seen in different sites the power consumption of the GTX 550 Ti, and it varies from 116w to 400w, so I don't really know if it will work on my generic PSU.
It's not that I don't want to buy a new PSU, it's just that there is no "Thermaltake", "CoolerMaster", etc. in my country, just random brands that are not listed as good PSUs. For example, a guy offered me a "RAMBO" PSU (I know, it must be generic) of 1000W for U$100. The only TWO non-generic PSUs cost around U$300 (800w) and U$400 (1200w), which is extremely out of my price range.

So. I want to know if I can run this system with an ASUS GTX 550 Ti instead of the XFX GT 520, considering that my PSU is a generic Delux ATX-750W P4 with 51A.
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  1. That's horrible luck that you can't really get any better PSU, but the one you have should work. Even the worst 750W units should give you around 500W I would imagine, which is still more than enough for that system. I'd say you should be fine.
  2. Thank you, now I can buy the video card without any doubts.
    This PSU shall suffice until I get the money to buy a good PSU.
  3. and when you buy a good one, then you are looking at needing 500W max, you do not need to even look at 800 or 1200.
  4. Then I'll save up for a 650w non-generic PSU after getting my GTX 550 Ti
  5. 650 is too much and a waste
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