How to unistall driver broken graphic card

hi, my graphic card went busted and i bought a replacement card but how could I uninstall the drver of my ast graphic card if I have no acces at all at the screen ?
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  1. Ummmm...what card? Did you replace it with the same card that broke or a different card or a different maker?

    I know if it's an AMD card it asks you when you install the driver if you want to remove the old one.
  2. What card replacing what card? If same manufacturer (amd(ati) or nvidia) then just stick in the new card and boot up normally otherwise boot into safe mode and delete the drivers from there.
  3. I tried to just plug it in and install drivers and it worked ! I was asking this question because everybody I know said to me : don't forget to uninstall all your drivers and everything...

    Any way thank you so much to all of you :)
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