First Ever Gaming PC Build

This a link to my Amazon wish list that incorporates my PC build that I'm looking at doing next week:

Ignoring the accessories, is this looking alright? I've got a GTX 560ti, blu-ray writer and Samsung 120Hz LCD monitor from my old PC to use and the case and Antec PSU is probably overkill, but with how my flat is, I'm trying to keep it as quiet as possible without having to faff about with water cooled or skimp on power.

Honestly looking forward to building one from scratch! only ever upgraded things before, never touched the mobo.
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  1. Your build look good. What are you doing with two mouse ?
  2. Still deciding on which to get. I know the 4G Razar is better, but the £30 difference for a Mass Effect branded mouse is always tempting!
  3. Its all Good, I think its a little overkill what you are spending on Storage xD, 2tb?, I cant even Fill my 500gbs with my Steam Account and Itunes. Is there any other website you can Buy your stuff From?, The memory Ram and Case are Really Expensive in there =S. Check the Price in Us.



    Psu 1000w LOL, even if u are planning to Get another Gtx 560 ti in the future, Thats Overkill. the only Reason you would go with a 1000w psu is because u are doing a gtx 580 sli.
  4. I'll be shopping around before I buy it all, I just used Amazon to get it all in one place easily. We get ripped off anyway though so I doubt I'd be able to get it at those prices

    The HD is a must. I've got 1.25tb in my current PC and I'm as good as full with having a full MAME set, 250 Steam games and iTunes library. Due to the fastest internet I can get being 2mbit, I like to have my Steam library fully downloaded at all times like a crazy gaming jukebox!

    The 1000w is overkill I know, it's mainly for noise reasons as reading reviews, it's barely louder than a cough at full load and mostly doesn't even spin the fan. They do an 850w version of it that is just as good but it appears to be discontinued.

    I think the main part of it I'm iffy about is the motherboard. It's cheap, reviews well and has some awesome features. It even looks nice (the main consideration in a motherboard, obviously *cough*), but the potential SLI space might overheat the top GFX card allegedly, even with a potentially very cool case.
  5. Final question I think before I order all this next Tuesday (EXCITED!).

    Because the motherboard is fairly small, can anyone recommend a decent CPU cooler to go with this setup? The quieter the better, but I can make slight noise allowances for performance.
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