The recommend high-end AMD system config on this site is very wrong?

Hi all, I was just messing around a bit on this site an was lookin at the recommend high end AMD system configuration and what I saw was unbelievable...

Here's link:

They combine a Phenom II 955BE toghether with 3x 6970 GPU's?

If i'm not mistaking that will be a HUGE bottleneck. I think the 955BE is already bottlenecking one 6970 a little bit? That would be 700$ trown away?

I'm I right?
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  1. It's six months old for starters. Anyway I don't think it's a huge bottleneck but a bottleneck for sure. At least it overclocks reasonably well.
  2. Considering the 955be is the best gaming chip from amd, if you are going the amd route then that is the chip to choose. But at that price range not going intel is unjustifiable.
  3. since i picked those i will explain.

    It was a contest here in the new build forum to see who could build the best rig within certain parameters. The build was a high end AMD build so i had to pick an amd cpu. the 955 can be unlocked to a 980 which is AMD's most powerful gaming cpu. of course it would still bottleneck 3 7970's but it was the rule to the task.
  4. Wow - trifire? Would 3 cards really offer an advantage over 2 in gaming with that CPU?
  5. I believe its used to help with the micro stutter problem. 3 GPUs don't usually have that issue. (and as mentioned its supposed to be a high end rig...)
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