Tower Coolers: Are they all that well-built?

I recently got a XIGMATEK Gaia 120mm tower cooler. Supposedly, the reviews said these guys really know how to mount aluminum fins to copper heat pipe.

so the thing comes in. It's certainly awesome and all, especially heatpipe direct-touch.

But the fins....They're just.....there's just holes drilled in them and they're just shoved onto the pipes. I literally pulled them off when I had to modify the cooler. They just pull off. Doesn't even take much force.

IDk, I suppose I was expecting some sort of welding job or thermal interface material. I figured since the fins are so thin you can cut them with scissors (a good thing) they'd have to do a good job mounting them for optimal thermal conductivity.

Maybe this is normal for a tower cooler? It works fine and all. Good temperatures. It's just....card to get over the fact that they aren't mounted, and just pull right off.
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  1. That is just the way they are built, main thing is that they are making contact and it is all about surface area!
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