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Hi everyone, i recently purchased an Asus G73JH laptop and before i start seriously gaming i am looking for a good cooler to use. My choices are limited as i can only buy through TradeMe.co.nz (as i'm in New Zealand). I think i should not my laptop has a 17.3 inch screen (so i requires a large cooler).

Could anyone please tell me which would be the best cooler out of these, and if it would be suitable in terms of cooling performance, etc. As a note, the vents for my Asus are located in the middle of the underside, 2 situated an inch or two from the perfect center.

COOLER MASTER NotePal Infinite EVO - $60
This unbranded cooler: http://www.trademe.co.nz/computers/laptops/other/auction-489115362.htm
Cooler Master Notepal Infinite - $17

Any advice on this would be great! I would love to know your opinions on the best cooler here for my laptop. Price also isn't really a bearing, more just how well my laptop will fit and be cooled.
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  1. Asus has front intake ports and exhausts directly out the back. I'm not sure theres a cooler designed to work with it. You'd be better off buying an airconditioner.
  2. All our exceptional cooler for your laptop. In my opinion, I would get the U3 due to the removable fans in which I will place it near the part where the laptop gets the most heat.
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