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Upgrading from nVidia GT220.




OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: ASUS P75H55-M, Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67Ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM. Max TDP 95V.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: No idea sorry, I'm from Malaysia.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Currently looking at the Sapphire HD 6850.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, motherboard isn't compatible! : (


Hey guys, I was browsing around seeking solutions to my quandary, but to no avail. I'm more or less a total noob at PC parts so bear with me guys!

I'm looking at the HD 6850 to upgrade on my very outdated GPU but I have no idea if it is compatible with my other parts. I did a little research on the net but was probably too dull to find any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D

Also, any other suggestions other than the 6850 is also welcome. :)
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  1. You don't go wrong with 6850, go ahead.
  2. refillable said:
    You don't go wrong with 6850, go ahead.

    Yeah, I did some research and it seems to be the best card I can afford. However my concern is it won't be compatible with my mobo or PSU. Will that be the case or am I all clear to go for it?

    Hello, im from Malaysia as well. :)
    Where do you live? I might be able to get you a Sapphire HD6850 for around MYR 650, if you live in the Shah Alam region

    There's the normal version and the Toxic version. Toxic would be around MYR 690.

    as for your PSU, im not sure about it's true capabilities, check the ratings on it? There should be a sticker there somewhere.

    I live in Damansara actually. But don't Sapphires cost only MYR500 now? That's the price I got from Digital Mall in SS14. :o

    My sticker on the PSU reads:

    AC input: 110-120/220-240VAC ~ 10/5A 60/50Hz
    DC output: +3.3V +5V, +12V1 +12V2, -12V +5Vsb
    Max output current: 22A 16A, 14A 16A, 0.8A 2.5A
    Max combined power: 120W, 360W, 22W
    Total power: 450W
    Max peak power: 500W

    But I can't tell what's what lol. Someone kindly enlighten me?

    Oh, and I read on AMD's official website that a 500W PSU is recommended for 6850. Do I need to upgrade on mine or can the 450W get by? :o
  3. the psu will do ok but check whether the psu have 1 pcie 6pin or 6+2 pin connector.:o
  4. Greghome? Seriously? 650 Ringgit is like more than $200, I'm sure that it in not that expensive, And Toxic version is just so much more with crazier price.

    This right?
    Sunnk is right OP, It should be fine since it has combined rail of 30A, and 6850 power requirement is one 6-pin connectors. Your Power supply should come with it by looking at
  5. That's the name I got from the sticker. But the chasis is black, not white. I found someone with the same one on a local forum for your reference. Is it similar?

    Actually after giving it some consideration, I'm thinking I might just upgrade my PSU as well.

    Any recommendations? I want to carry it over to my next PC.

    Also, is there a way to change thread title? :O
  6. you can run hd 6850 and gtx 460 on this psu no problem it would work to your next pc also. :)
  7. buy gigabyte 6850 OC with windforce 2x +1
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    There is no need to change the title, if you are looking for a PSU, I'd say you look over seasonic 620W, or go better with an XFX 650W. The seasonic Unit should be around 350 Ringgit and XFX should be probably 425. The XFX PSU would run 6950/560 ti crossfire/SLI. The 620W Seasonic would go max on 6970.
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  10. Okay thanks guys! Really appreciated it!
  11. Your welcome
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