An odd Catalyst Control Center problem

As the title says, I have an odd problem with CCC.

It will not open, but it is running, and I can change some settings with the sidebar menu in the bottom right, but when I try and open CCC it just gives me the hourglass for about 15 seconds and then disappears. A quick check of processes with the Task Manager shows that it is clearly running, the window just never pops up.

I have re-installed both CCC and my drivers several times, making sure to re-boot between each step of the cleaning process. I've tried multiple solutions from around the web, from looking for the CCC GAC tokens (which aren't there), to, again, completely uninstalling and using driver cleaner and CCleaner to make sure they are completely off my comp.

Nothing else is wrong, CCC's main window just refuses to load.

I'm running with 2x5770's Crossfired, which is one of the reasons I wanted it to open, as Crossfire has turned itself off somehow. I'm also using the 11.12 drivers from AMD.

Any help is very much appreciated, and thanks in advance.
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  1. huh thats weird, I suppose you could try the 12.1a previews..
  2. Downloading, I'll see if this helps.
  3. Well, it re-enabled Crossfire, but the window still won't open. So very odd.
  4. I have had that problem sometimes with my cf 5770's.

    However usually if i reboot it fixed the problem. You could try using 11.11 Drivers.

    I havent switched to the 11.12 yet as 11.11 is working fine for me. Also make sure your running driver sweeper after you uninstall the 11.12 Drivers
  5. It's not the drivers or crossfire that's got me confused, it's CCC's refusal to open up it's main window.

    I did get a .net error when I tried one of the other options in it, specifically when I tried to open up the About...

    Maybe it's a .net problem.
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