Help finding the right PSU for an old computer

Greetings everyone!

A friend of mine asked me to install a new PSU into his old computer. This is the computer

The general specs on the old power supply are AC 110/230 V (50/60Hz), 430W

I've been looking at a number of power supplies and haven't found one yet that precisely has those specs. I haven't been able to find an exact match yet. Does it just matter that it's 50/60 Hz with 430 watts?

Last I checked, the 110/230V essentially involves a switch on the back based upon the location you're operating the machine. Is it a deal breaker if it's not exactly 110/230V?

What would be the best thing I could do here to get this 2005 computer back up and running for a friend of mine?
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  1. This should work just fine Corsair CX430
    It has active pfc so it will automatically work on any Voltage between 100 and 240volts.
  2. +1 on the Corsair
  3. Hard to beat the CX430V2 when it has rebate and costs $25...
  4. Wow! Thank you so much!
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