This Is Confusing me

I have

Alienware Aurora (man they suck now)
12Gb Ripjaw memory
1.5 GB 480 GTX (used to have 2 but them being cramped made the top one blow)
850W Power Supply (Worked fine for 2 years with 2 480 GTXs *shrug*)
i7-930 OCed to 3.36ghz
H50 Water Cooler
2x 500 GB Western Digital HD
80GB Intel SSD

So I was playing WoW and using Directx 11 mode and max settings. I played for a couple days no problems.. then all of a sudden the monitor went off (I use my 55'' 1080P tv) I checked and the computer was still on but nothing was showing on the monitor. So I turned off the pc and went back into WoW. Played for about 20 minutes and then it happend again but this time the PC was making a beeping noise every few seconds. They were single beeps. I was thinking maybe an issue with my GPU or PSU. So I figured i'd stress test it. So I ran heaven benchmark for about 15 minutes and watched temps and it ran fine... then I played League of Legends and a couple other games.. no issues. So I ran CHKDSK on my OS drive and found nothing then I ran CHKDSK on my SSD drive that has WoW on it. Still no issues found. I I am really lost... almost bought a new GPU but mine seems to be fine. =/
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  1. your card supports dx10 but anyways you should boot into safe mode with networking (f8 when post after bios screen) uninstall nvidia drivers from control panel, restart, install fresh drivers from the nvidia webside
  2. yeah, give them drivers a shot.

    i would try to cycle my ram a stick at time in the first slot to see if a single stick is causing boot issues, at rated speed of course. if they all boot fine and dandy, i would run memtest to ensure stability.
  3. My card supports DX11 too. I checked the fresh install checkbox last time when installing the latest nvidia drivers because I would intermittently get nvidia driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered message. Is it better to do it manually in safe mode?

    hmmm never really considered memory as a possibility because I play lots of games but it has only ever happend in WoW.

    I suppose it is possible that it is a coincedence that I was playing WoW both times it happend. But I played League of Legends for about 2 1/2 hrs after all this and it ran fine.. not to mention heaven benchmark ran fine.
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