How should I go about upgrading this system?

Hello Guys

Ok this is my first post here so I apologise if it may be in the wrong place..

Right so i built my computer back some time in February 2008, the setup is as follows:

Case: Antec 900
CPU: Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Mhz
Motherboard: ASUS P5QL Pro
RAM: OCZ Reaper 4GB (2 x 2GB)
GPU: ASUS EAH4850 with 512MB DDR3 SDRAM, 625Mhz Clock speed.
Hard Drives: 1 x 80GB Primary, 1 x 1TB Slave
O.S: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
PSU: 500W

I have been wanting to upgrade this for a while, just to up the graphics on the online game i play (Rift) and also some other games, I thought maybe adding a new graphics card and another 4GB RAM may do the trick but i am seeing everywhere that people really aren't recommending LGA775 stuff anymore and recommending all the new stuff like i7 processors and 1137 socket motherboards.

I myself don't really see the problem with the 775 stuff i have at the moment (and the new stuff is very expensive) so i am wondering, if i swap my board to one like the P5Q Pro:

which allows crossfireX, then upped my graphics card to maybe one of these:
(Graphics Cards are where i tend to get a bit lost as i am unsure what to look for but i am guessing it is the memory and clock speed it has)

and then added another 4GB of the same RAM, would i see a difference in performance gaming wise? I can't really afford at the moment to swap out everything for all new stuff, so i just want to know if this would be my second best option to that?

Thanks for any help
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  1. i have upgraded from a q6600@3.4ghz to a i5 2550k@5ghz and my new processor runs circles around my old setup

    i have spend 400 dollars on the cpu/mobo/ram upgrade. i have reused all of the other components

    dont buy another lga 775 mobo, its dead technology
    if you want a better mobo just upgrade to the newer processors, asrock has nice 1155 mobos giving you 8x 8x dual card config so you can re use your current gpu and add another one in the future
  2. Buy a CPU cooler and overclock a little your CPU and add a new video card.
    After that upgrade your mobo, CPU and RAM.
  3. To be honest as much as i would love to i am not really capable of overclocking a CPU, my graphics card i can and have done from 625Mhz to 680Mhz which was it's maximum really. But i do not feel confident enough doing it with a CPU as i know it is a little more involved and is the reason why it is still at a mere 2.4Ghz lol.

    a 5Ghz processor! thats fast lol. O.k i think i have heard enough people telling me not to buy a 775 that maybe it is time to listen, so i guess it's time to look on towards a 1155 mobo.

    Time to re-spec a build then i think ...
  4. dont be afraid of overclocking
    there are many overclocking guides on how to do it properly
    with proper knowledge you will not damage your pc
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