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What are important considerations for video processing?

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March 20, 2012 2:36:06 PM

I've just gone through an upgrade to improve the performance of my system. I kind of went about this a bit the wrong way. I really didn't give much thought to what I would be using the system for. I just knew I needed to improve much of my system (RAM, Graphics, etc).

However, I'm still planning to buy or build a new computer towards summer. With that in mind, I was wondering what would be the areas to focus on, if I wanted to make sure the computer would be able to run video processing applications, that might take a day or two to process pseudo-slow motion, for instance. Would that be just processor time and RAM or would a graphics card play a role? Gaming computers are great for 3D rendering and such but would that even be of any benefit, in video processing? I suspect it would work well, because they too need fast CPUs and lots of RAM.

I'm just not sure I understand the key performance areas of a computer, as they relate to the various types of applications that might be affected. Speed and RAM should help all applications but what else should be considered? I guess one solution would be just to get the fastest of every component. :ouch: 

Can someone point to a good web resource that discusses the various characteristics of a computer, with regards to the types of applications that are affected.

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March 20, 2012 3:38:31 PM

Not really! I checked out the template, and not having the answer to the question I asked, I don't know the proper response for the template.

For instance:

Approximate Purchase Date: Summer 2012

Budget Range: $1000-$3000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Processing, 2D CAD, Image processing, gaming for my grandkids but I'm not a gamer so this is down on my list, unless it addresses my original problem.

Parts Not Required: Don't know. Doubtful I'll want to eliminate anything. A more relevant question would be "optional parts needed".

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Unimportant

Country: Not important to me. I have no preference.

Parts Preferences: Manufacturer most suitable for the tasks. No preference otherwise.

Overclocking: Yes / No / Maybe (Have no idea if I "need" this)

SLI or Crossfire: Yes / No / Maybe (Have no idea if I "need" this)

Monitor Resolution: No idea. Bigger and more powerful is always better, is my motto.

Additional Comments: Prefer quiet and well cooled

So, I'm not sure how filling this out, helps answer my question, since the reason I'm asking is to be able to know how to fill it out. :)