UPS freaking out with Generator!

I a have had a power outage recently, as have many others on the east coast. I have a generator (alternator) running all day and it is not supplying stable voltages and frequencies. When an appliance turns on, it can take a drop on the voltage which makes my UPS which is also a voltage regulator freak constantly switches to battery power and back to wall power.

My question is that, if I were to connect my computer to wall power, would these voltage changes damage the power supply?...or can it sustain fluctuations of lower and higher voltage as it is hopefully designed to do. The UPS is really annoying me, and I'd like to connect it to another UPS that doesn't care about voltage regulation, but I'd like to know that it isn't harmful to my power supply.

Power supply is a Corsair AX650. And UPS is a Cyberpower Systems AVR1350 LCD series. Reason of my consideration is that there is no switch between 120V and 240V leading me to believe that it could be a universal design for both Europe and America, meaning is could handle a variety of voltages. However the European version could be different so I am not sure.

Thank you for any help!
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  1. The UPS is designed to take those fluctionations because excessive one will damage your pc. The alarm is to warn you so if you don't like it then silence it provided you have a silence button. If no silence button then try to muffle the speaker.
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