Computer turning on for a second then turning off

Hi everyone, so I had this computer for about 4 years now and I never had an issue with it except the graphic card that I changed a year ago.
However, recently it would turn on for a second or less then turn off, I checked inside my case to see if there was any loosen screws (on both sides) but everything seemed to be in place. I then unplugged all the wires then plugged them back in and then my computer started to work again. Next time I turned it off, same scenario. Turns on for a sec then turns off... Thinking it was my power supply, I tested another power supply from a working computer and it worked fine till again I turned my computer off. So I was wondering what could be the problem.
I would really appreciate your help, thanks


Prebuild Acer Aspire AM5620-E5301A
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.4 GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 (added 1gb 2 years ago)
Graphic: ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB
Power Supply: LITEON PS 6301-08A // Also tried a Mios KY-550 ATX
Motherboard: Acer original motherboard

Running on Windows 7

My guess is that it would be the MOBO (which would suck alot..) however the fact that whenever I unplug everything that has to do with the power supply then plug back in makes it work till I turn it back off is making me wonder.. Also I changed the power supply and same problem is reoccurring.
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  1. try unhooking every thing and hook back up 1 by 1 it takes time when it starts the shut down what you hooked back up is the trouble. Don't rule out the memory it will do it too.
  2. I unhooked 2 sticks of ram and it seems to be working fine. I'll have to check if the ram is defective or the 2 slots.
    Is there any software I can use to test that out by any chance ?
  3. I have the same issue. I will try taking out my memory once I get home.
    Did you try to plug those 2 memory sticks into the slots where the rest is currently plugged in to test if it's memories or slots?
    Let me know.
  4. Sorry for the late response I've been pretty busy lately.

    So my computer boots running on 2gb of ram but not with 3 or 4gb
    After testing the ram a bit, I found out that any combination of 1gb sticks (any 2 sticks together) placed in any of the 4 slots will make the computer boot just fine, but if I add a 3rd or 4th stick, it'll turn on for just a sec then shutdown.
    I'll sometime be able to boot it up with 4gb if I play around abit (changing the sticks to different slots) but then as soon as I shut it down..same problem occurs.

    It looks really odd because it used to run fine and one day it wouldnt boot.
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