NVIDIA 7300GS Blank boot

How do I fix the no video signal at boot using the NVIDIA7300GS 256MB video card error
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  1. could check the card in another computer of have another card you could try
  2. Sorry for the delay, Scout_03.
    Thanx 4 your contribution(s)
    More information to mull over.... WinXP, Intel i5 MB W/ intigrared USBs, PS2, KB, NIC 10/100, LPT, Serial,1G ram, and SVGA video out. Connected is , PRI_1 HDD, SEC_HDD, CDRW, DVDRW, 3.5 floppy. I have removed the nVidia completely and flashed the MB bios in addition to removing the MB battery. I then connected different MON to system MB video and reboot..... Again no display! I have swapped the said hardware into another machine, confirmed it all works individually. I am stumpped, worsst case for me is that I swap out all the parts just to put them backtogether as two completly bastardized systems.
    Thanx again for any feedback or solutions everyone.

    I am going to repaet above steps with however, this time I will install a completly different video card.

    I know everything works, I was the last person to power-down the unit. At that time I was connected to the wireless network streaming broadband internet
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