Optical Mice-Erratic in Q3A Can anyone help

I have tried both the Intellimouse Explorer and the Logitech Optical Wheelmouse and both are very jerky/erratic when playing games such as Quake 3 Arena. I have messed with the settings, installed the latest drivers but nothing has worked for me. I am at a loss.

My OS is WinMe. My systems is a P3 800 on ASUS CUSL2 MB, 256 Megs of PC133 SDRAM, Hitachi DVD, Zip Drive, SB Live Platinum, Philips 8x CD Burner.

I have tried both the usb and PS2connections. No change. No IRQ conflicts..can anyone offer help. I read at the microsoft site that the optical mouse is not supported by ME. They had a solution for a non clean install, but mine was clean aand the change is already incorporated. I installed the 3.1a driver for the Explorer as MS indicated, but problem persists.

Thanks for any assistance
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  1. I was wondering if you ever got a solution to this problem. I have experienced the same problem with my MS Intellimouse Explorer. Further research showed that many people are experincing serious problems with the MS products, but this is the first time I've heard of a problem with Logitech's optical mouse.

    I solved my problem by going back to a quality PS/2 ball-mouse. A waste of the money I spent on the optical mouse but what are ya gonna do?

    Have you tried different mousing surfaces? Mine worked on my desktop until I got a new desk. Then I had to use a mousepad.

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  2. I have tried the Intellimouse Explorer myself and can't say that I had any problems with it when playing FPS, except that it didn't fit so well in the claw I call hand.

    If you want a good gaming mouse, then take a look at Razer Boomslang 2000, it's probably the best gaming rat around. Takes some time to get used to, but after the initial problems, you become Superman(almost).
  3. Hi, I just posted some info on optical mice in this forum a couple days ago. I have used both the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB and Logitech's Cordless MouseMan Optical in both Windows 98SE and Windows ME. I have never liked Microsoft's drivers in either system. I also have a PIII 800 in a Cusl2 motherboard with a SB Live 5.1 soundcard.Under the advanced tab in the BIOS I have the 'PS/2 mouse function control' set to 'Auto' and in both WinME and 98SE I have the 'vertical sync' turned off (right click on desktop, select 'Advanced' in the 'Settings' tab, for nVidia graphics cards select 'NVIDIA GeForce whatever' tab, then 'Additional Properties'. In 'Additional Properties' select the 'More Direct3D' under the 'Direct 3D Settings' tab. Make sure 'Vertical Sync mode:' is set to 'always off'. Look for vertical sync under the OpenGL tab and set it to always off as well. My graphics card is a Herc. 3d Prophet II MX and as such is not the fastest in Quake III (118fps on normal setting) but I have no problem with my mouse shakin' while I'm Quakin' in Win 98SE. In Win ME however I had to set my Logitech's cursor movement to the lowest setting and the acceleration to the highest setting to get anything near a steady cursor. I also had to change button assignments around until I could use the thumb button in Quake III. If this doesn't help you could have a resource conflict/application conflict affecting your system (troubleshooting that would require someone far more knowledgable than I). My system is fully loaded with RAID, Ethernet card, sound card, modem, etc. and BOTH brands of mice work in both operating systems, so keep trying;)
  4. After giving it some thought try this BEFORE you go messing with your computer settings. Take a piece of printer paper and place it underneath your optical mouse(tape it down if you need to). If your mouse works better get a different mousepad (light color and non-reflective works best).
  5. You should be aware that Razer halted support of its products in late February and so far, the only reason the company is still in existence is because of a deal struck with Labtec to extend support and warranty replacements. This hasn't been working out so well; they are months behind with the replacement mice, and the tech support link on the web site is well, gone. Right now, Labtec is still stocking the mouse, but it's hard to say if the company is going to survive. The parent corporation has run out of cash, which sounds like a death knell to me. A familiar situation in our present economy.

    Anyway ... I wouldn't buy one of these mice until I knew for sure if there was still going to be a company! Too bad ... it was the best mouse for gaming, ever.


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  6. Any other hunches? ;)
  7. I own both MS and Logitech optical mice. I prefer the Intellimouse Explorer over the Intellimouse Optical and the Logitech Optical. But all optical mice have given me (very small) problems in fps games. Every now and then they freak out and I end up looking straight up into the air, lost for orientation. Overall I prefer optical for the smoothness and low maintenance though.

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