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So i have recently upgraded my computer hardware... I bought a 500 watt power source and a Radeon HD 6670 graphics card... I use my Vizo 720p 32' LCD TV as my monitor...
The problem is that my computer will work with all other TV's/monitors except the vizio i have which is about 3 years old. I called customer support on for Vizio and for Radeon... Radeon had no answer for me, and vizio just had me change the screen resolution on my desktop, which never worked. Vizios conclution was that the TV is not compatible with my new graphics card... Is this correct or did i posibly overlook something? Help me please. i dont want to return the card or buy a new tv
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  1. I can't help you, but I have a very similar problem with my vizio 21" 1080p tv. It worked from the end of last summer (2011) until just a week ago when it started showing "Not Support!"
    does yours display that as well?
  2. I am having this exact same issue. My computer interfaced with the Vizio tv for 5 months, then in January, i lost the ability to connect to ANY vizio TV. (tried 4 different models). The computer will connect to my samsung TV and my dell monitor via HDMI. What the heck Vizio/ATi...

    Anyone else getting these issues? or know of a solution?
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