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Graphics driver needed - does one exist?

i installed the 32 bit developers preveiw to my home made scrap pile (its made of leftovers from my other computers that i have upgraded and so on) and i need a graphics driver but hp cant help me :( so i have come to you nice ppls :D :lol:

the page hp has on the botherboard is here
the graphics card is the integrated card on the motherboard

thanks for any help ^_^
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  2. Windows update also installs manufacturer drivers a lot of the time. It did for both my intel and my Nvidia cards. Tell it to install drivers for all products and see if it comes up as an optional update
  3. @ pyree
    that one worked thanks ^_^
    @ starzty the graphics on that motherboard are quite old so i doubt there would be a graphics driver for windows 8 yet if at all
  4. No problem.
  5. I know I had no video driver support for Vista or Windows 7 on an Inspiron laptop (8500?). I was surprised.

    It would install a very generic driver but it had no Widescreen support, probably an 800x600 max.

    "DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver" (Windows 8 minimum apparently)
  6. *keep in mind that Windows 8 is a long way away. It's possible certain hardware configurations that work now may NOT work later on.
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