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i put the same thread in the xp section. figured i'd get better results in both places.

Pretty sure xp caused this. I was dual booting xp and windows 7. I decided to reinstall xp because of a driver conflict. the install went fine and all but now there is no option when i start the computer to select which os to boot into. so right now i have about 45gb's on my 160gb hdd that arent being used. i would like to keep my other install and not get rid of it. and also, i would prefer not to install it again because thats just a pain in the @ss. Any help is appreciated.
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    There are likely a number of ways to fix this, but here's one possibility:

    1) Reboot the PC and immediately after the POST beep, press the F12 (most modern PC's, the F8 key on ASUS motherboards I believe) key several times. This should popup a boot menu from which you can choose which disk or partition to boot from. Select the disk/partition with your Windows 7 installation.

    2) Once Windows 7 has started, go to and download the latest version of EasyBCD (it's free). Play with it a bit, view the options, then use its Manage Bootloader -> Reinstall the Vista Bootloader -> Write MBR function to replace the now missing bootloader. See this page for more info:
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