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I stupidly installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview and now my formerly stable HP Pavilion dv9000 series is crashing with Bad Pool Header. Unlike earlier win editions it does not give and locations or data.

I have run CCleaner, deleted old programs and updated drivers where possible.

System Info:
Intel Core Duo CPU T9300 2.5ghz
4gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS

Any thoughts?
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  1. I'm betting it's related to the stock drivers provided in the install. Try updating as many of them as you can (chipset, network, video, audio are the highest priority) and see if it helps. Otherwise you're going to have to wait until the OEM's start producing more stable drivers and should probably remove Windows 8 in the meantime. Try again when the Release Candidate shows up...
  2. Although this problem may be caused by a buggy Windows8 video driver (try going back to the generic driver) It could also be caused by memory problems that were not apparent with your previous operating system. Try running a memory test program such as memtest86 4.0a for a few hours.
  3. I loaded Windows 8 Enterprise and got the same error rebuilt twice and it still happens

    Intel i7 2.20GHz
    6GB RAM
    500GB RAM

    I can login to Windows 8 and 5 minutes late BSOD :(
  4. Run memtest86+. That BSOD typically indicates failed RAM. That being said, since its a non-finished build, could be a problem with the OS (I doubt it though...)
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