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OK i am having a hard time finding a phenom II 1100T for my Crosshair IV Board, ASUS says they have Beta support for
FX-4100(FD4100WMW4KGU),3.6GHz,4C,95W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-4170(FD4170FRW4KGU),4.2GHz,4C,125W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-6100(FD6100WMW6KGU),3.3GHz,6C,95W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-8100(FD8100WMW8KGU),2.8GHz,8C,95W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-8120(FD8120FRW8KGU),3.1GHz,8C,125W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-8120(FD8120WMW8KGU),3.1GHz,8C,95W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only
FX-8150(FD8150FRW8KGU),3.6GHz,8C,125W,rev.B2G,AM3+ ALL 3027 Beta support only

has there been an testing to show these processor run and are stable with the Crosshair IV?
Being that the Corsshair IV is AM3 and the FX CPU's are AM3+
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  1. You have the latest info direct from Asus. Support for these CPUs is in it's beta phase. I assume that at some point support will become official.
  2. i dont know if this could be of any help it seems to work, but there has not been any official anything saying that it supports fx 100%
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