Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse under $150?

Hello everyone!
I am building a really awesome gaming computer, and my old PC is using the Microsoft 3000. It's a great keyboard and mouse, but I want something better.
Because I am spending a lot of money on my PC I want it to be $150 or lower. Preferably wireless, or bluetooth, but more wireless. I want it to have illuminated keys, and a very good mouse. They don't have to be bundled together, but if they are it's a bonus! I'm not very good with picking out keyboards but I really want the best for the buck!
Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!
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    Here, try these. Together they'll run you about $100. The mouse is the razer deathadder 3500. The keyboard is the logitech g110. It has illuminated keys. This mouse and keyboard are, in my opinion, the best bang for buck. It's way under your budget and just what you're looking for. This is probably what I'll be going with whenever I get the parts for my gaming rig.
  2. Gaming and wireless mouse/keyboard don't mix because of latency caused by the wireless connection. Get a wired connection and you'll be happier with the responsiveness of the mouse/keyboard during gaming. During other uses the latency is not noticeable.
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