Can you suggest a psu for my ivy build please.

First time building a pc and cant for the life of me decide on a power supply. Used the newegg psu calculator and it shows around 400w. But it doesn't factor other stuff like over clocking and case fans and such. My overall budget and desired components only gives me around $100 US maybe a little more 10 or 15 max but would like to save a little more and not be overkill. my planned build is as follows.

core i5 3570k
asrock z77 extreme4
sapphire radeon hd 7850
wd black 7200 rpm 1tb
corsair8gb ddr3 1600
asus dvd rw

I'll be OCing the cpu and gpu as well as adding case fans and do plan to crossfire or sli in the future. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
PS sorry couldn't provide any links don't know how to on my cousins mac.
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More about suggest build please
  1. Corsair TX650W.
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    ^ or this one if you can find it in stock somewhere:
  3. Cool thanks I,ll go with the seasonic cuz its semi modular. that is if its in stock by the time im ready to buy thanks so much.
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  5. Corsair tx 650 is a great PSU (I have one in my pc) Corsair now has another reversion called the tx650V2. They have a larger fan in them. They are still made by Seasonic though which is a great OEM

    Antec is another good brand (their HCP and HCG units are made by Delta and Seasonic)

    If you want add a second card to your rig for Crossfire
    I would recommend you go with a 750 watter.

    My recommendations are Corsair TX and AX series as well as Antec High current pro, and high current gamer series.

    If you go with anything else look at reviews on good websites such as

    Hardware secrets
    Toms hardware also has a few PSU reviews
    Tech power up
    Hardware heaven

    These sites test power supplies on a load tester that checks for voltage fluctuations that are harmful to the sensitive components in a PC.

    Hope your build comes together nicely
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