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I have recently decided that sence I have this 25.5" Samsung monitor just sitting there doing nothing , because my wife is totally into using her laptop , I decided to try out dual monitors. I did set them up and they are working with the extended desktop and the mouse moves from one screen to the other and I can drag open windows from one screen to the other and have multiple windows open at once , so far so good.
The issue I am having is in gameing , when I open the game it only opens on one screen and not like I have seen on videos where it will span the two screens. Is this a Nvidia limitation and can only be done like that on AMD cards? The other monitor that I was using for my computer is a 27" LG and I have three GTX 580's in three way SLI. Is there another setting that I am missing and this is something that I have not tried or done before , any help will be appreciated.
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  1. I would argue don't even try. Two monitor gaming sucks. Your crosshair is lost in the bezels of the monitors making it hard to shoot people. Just stick with your single monitor.
  2. I was actually wondering about that and figured that three monitors might be better and you wouldn't have that issue. Anyway is there a setting that I am missing just for the sake of knowing?
  3. Not sure. When I was able to run dual monitors I never tried to game on both for reason above.
  4. Nvidia's surround only supports 3+ monitors.
  5. Ok , well I'll just have to see if someone else has a suggestion.
  6. According to this thread not all games support dual screen. That's probably your issue.

  7. k1114 said:
    Nvidia's surround only supports 3+ monitors.

    Actually it's only three monitors, no +.
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