Xbox 360 cannot does not connect after typing in passcode

Hi all. I have recently purchased a new xbox 360 with internal wireless and I can't connect to the Internet. When I scan for networks my wireless network is there and it has full signal. After I type in my security code it just doesn't connect. I test pc connection and it fails between xbox and netcomm wireless. The Internet and securty code work fine with other devices eg laptops and I have restored back to factory settings to no avail. Please help so I can play online games!!!
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  1. Are you using the correct security,wep or wpa!
  2. I'm not sure exactly what you mean. I know the password is correct as I use it for my laptop
  3. Set the Security Type to match that of the wireless router. If your router uses WPA encryption and the type of adapter connected to the Xbox does not support WPA, you will need to change your router settings to use WEP encryption instead.
  4. Not to be a pain but how do I go about doin this?
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