Need help choosing amd or intel

i'm going to build a new pc again
and the only thing that im taking with me to the new pc is the HD 7970 3gb gpu

now , what cpu / mobo and memory could i best take ?

take note , i'ts for gaming and not video converting or anything

+ i want the pc to be able to last for atleast 2 years without having to upgrade anything

so i want a smooth cpu/mobo and memory that will allow me to play the latest games ( and outcoming)
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  1. You want a i5-3570k, Z77 mobo and 8 GB RAM.
  2. Get an intel z77 mobo/3570k ddr3 1600 ram, it should do the trick. You can also buy a cpu cooler and overclock it if you want more performance later on. You could even pick up a 2500k and a z68 mobo as well.

  3. if you are on a budget pick up a fx 4170 with any good am3+ mobo like the asus crosshair v or if you have alrge budget ,get an i5 3450 if you dont overclock or an i5 3570k or i5 2500k (depending on availability) and a good pcie 3 compatible z68/z77 mobo
    hope this helps!
  4. so i understand its not recommended to get the fx 8150 ?
    i also want to do some overclocking, im not on small budget either. im allowed to make my pc and then i got to keep my mouth silenced for atleast 2 years so the misses say. so i really want the best things with a max of the cpu arround 400
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