Suggestions for building a linux computer.

Friend of mine is a diehard linux guy and he is wanting me to build him a new linux computer and asked if I would price him out parts for it. Sadly though I dont know squat about linux nor what will run in it. He is prepared to spend 1200-1400 bucks on the computer.

Here is a list of things he wants to do with it to help narrow the suggestions some. He will worry about the software he needs but just giving some examples of hardware he will need to do some of these things.

Running linux ubuntu.

Do photo editing.

Some 3d animations.


Good sound for music listening.

Photo storage.

Watching internet tv.

I could sit and rattle off parts day and night for running in windows but Im not sure what hardware works for linux. Like say a sandy bridge cpu I dont know if it will run to its full capacity in linux or not etc.
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  1. Most hardware will work fine, but there are exceptions. I've had TONS of trouble with cheap WiFi cards (especially PCMCIA cards on laptops), but not one bit with things like motherboards and video cards. Processor type doesn't matter, every x86 processor supports the same basic instruction set.
  2. Linux is only a operating system, I could have Mac OS X on a AMD processor and Windows 7 on a boot drive.
  3. the same hardware you'd recommend for windows will work for Ubuntu Linux. I'd just be sure you have a major brand name wi-fi card, and GPU
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