Moral of the story: Check your cables

So i'm playing skyrim and I decide to open up control center to see my cpu temps and what do I hear? A loud alarm screaming at me. I immediately browse through control centers menus to see what is wrong. I see Fan speed: 0%. I immediately shut off my computer, tear open the case and look to see whats going on. the culprit? One of the cables that connects to my case fans got lodged in my cpu fan and completely disabled it from moving. If it weren't for control center who knows what could have happened.

Silly me...
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  1. Good for you:)
  2. Cable management ftw? :P
  3. hehe. i had this exact problem yesterday whilst building a computer for a family member, thing was half assembled & cables where kinda just all over inside of case whilst i was testing it & installing windows. thank jebus for automatic shutdown! crapped myself when i realised what had happened, then realised i'd burnt my fingertip by touching the heatsink. moral of the story - don't build pc's when you're hungover :??:
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