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Picked up an i3-2100 locally on sale with a matching mobo to do a budget build as my old setup was running a 4+ year old AMD store bought system with an 8800GTS, Picked up 8GB of G.Skill and the other related parts off New Egg and they will be delivered tomorrow. Looking for a GPU suggestion for my new setup. Working off an Corsair 550W I had picked up a few months back anticipating my build when I could get it for a good price.

Questions. (All relate to running WoW 1920x1080)

1) Is this even going to be usable off the 8800GTS till my video card arrives?

2) How much off an bottleneck might I see to the CPU? Will I get even 50% CPU use out of it since the GPU is so dated?

3) Need suggestions for roughly $100 card. Don't mind if it's "refurbished" or open box really since i'd clearly return it if it didn't work. Would actually prefer to buy used/refurbished/open box to get more bang for the money.

Thank you all.
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  1. For ~100 the best card you are likely to get is a 6790, or maybe a 6850 if you find a really good deal.

    The Corsair 550w should be able to manage with either of those just fine.

    You can use the 8800 GTS just fine.

    The i3-2100 is a good CPU, it shouldn't be bottlenecked by any of the cards mentioned.
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