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I have an internet ready vizio vbr120 blu ray player, hardwired using a dynex 5 port splitter.

The player is connect direct to tv by hdmi cable. dvds play fine.

I cannot get the dynamic IP address to configure to the blu ray. Road Runner and vizio support ignore me.
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  1. do you have a router or only the 5 port switch?
  2. E,

    I do not have a router. The signal cable goes into the 5 port switch, I have 2 leads out, 1 to desktop pc, works great, 2nd to blu ray. All connectivity lites are lit up.

    Have tried all support links, powered up & down, forced new IP address from Road Runner

    ?????????? D
  3. You need a router to share your Road Runner internet connection.
  4. G

    is there one you can recommend?

  5. Do you need wireless?
  6. even if you do not need wireless now the equivalent none wireless router is the same price or maybe $5 cheaper.

    what is your budget
  7. I would spend up to $75 for a decent router. I want to hard wire the blu ray for performance.
  8. I just bought a Netgear N300 router. I have run the CD, plugged in desktop, and have a wireless pc connected.

    Still unable to get the Vizio Blu Ray to connect?
  9. Is the Vizio Blu Ray set for DHCP?
  10. G

    I upgraded to the VIZIO VBR220 which is wireless. I cannot access by either ethernet or wi-fi. Please explain DHCP, I cannt find this anywhere in the manual(s). Thanks, D
  11. E,

    Thanks but no luck. Still unable to connect to internet for video streaming. I am on my 7 or 8th call to Vizio, starting to blame Netgear for router, etc, although desktop and wifi laptop work great.

    I am ready to take back the Vizio and try another brand.

    Thank you, D
  12. TO All

    Just to close this post out as lessons learned FYI.

    I finally got a tech at Vizio that told me of router PORT connectivity. PORT FORWARD
    , PORT TRIGGERING He recommended a STATIC IP address and could not help set it up. I called NETGEAR and for a svc contract tech had me hooked up using the static IP address in about 10 mins. Works great. Lots of frustrations. Thanks to those to gave me tips. File this one away.

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