Why does comp shut down?

I have an inverter connected to comp. I recently replaces PSU---Odyssey 450W, Graphic card--Saphhire hd 6670. Whenever there is power cut, comp shuts down, the power button doesnt work if i press. I have to remove and reconnect the power plug everytime to switch on so that it works on invertor. Is it a PSU problem
C2d 2.66 ghz
2 gb ram
hd 6670 1 gig gddr5
320 GB HDD
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  1. Looks like it, that is that you will have to reset the PSU that way.
  2. By "inverter" do you mean a no-break? Or just a DC/AC converter connected to a DC BUS?

    Anyway, it looks like your AC output may be out of specs. If you have a multimeter handy, please test the AC voltage on the PSU power input.

    Also, does your power circuit have a proper ground circuit?
  3. inverter is a back up sort of thing.
    the comp doesnt start, i have to remove the power plug at the back and plug it in again for it to boot. Is this a PSU problem?
    It has 17A on 12v rail i think
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