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I have an Asus computer and it won't connect to the computer. The hardware manager list doesn't show a network adapter. Does anyone know where to start with troubleshooting?
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  1. Enter BIOS and see if the adapter is enabled.
  2. If it is enabled, you may need to install the drivers.
  3. how do I enter the BIOS?
  4. I meant won't connect to the 'internet' when I first posted, not 'computer'. Also, we had a bad thunderstorm last night, did not lose power but is it possible that it messed something up? Just bought the computer a month ago so if I need to, I can reformat if that would solve this problem.
  5. Usually it is press del(ete) key on startup.
  6. Did you reset your modem and/or router? Sometimes its not the PC at all............
  7. Yep agree!
  8. Yes, I reset the modem. There's another computer in the house and it's connecting fine.
  9. And your network adapter does not show up in device manager?
  10. right, it does not show
  11. Then you will have to look in BIOS!
  12. ok am trying now, delete key didn't work. Think it's tab/F2. If I reformat or restore, will it fix the problem?
  13. Maybe not guaranteed! I am hoping that you will find it disabled in BIOS but it can be that it has not survived the incident.
  14. Where would the network adapter show in the BIOS? I'm in there now but not sure what to look for?
  15. It says either LAN or Ethernet, just look through all pages.
  16. Took the computer back to Best buy (bought it on 5-31-12), they tested it and it worked fine. They said with this ASUS, there isn't a way to check in the BIOS for network adapter?? Anyways, got it home, plugged it in and it's working. Not sure what the problem was. Our phone line is having problems so I wonder if that's what may have caused the gliche.... Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!
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