Single GPU in SLI VS single Dual GPU GFX card

Here is something I've been thinking about. People constantly talk about doing SLI or Crossfire to increase performance however it comes with problems. Drives can be a pain to install (AMD), two video cards can cause micro stutter or sometimes worse performance and other problems. So my question is whats the point? Why not just get a single video card with two GPU's like the 6990 or 590? Wouldn't that give you the same power but without the problems of SLI o Crossfire. You would still have the same memory since double video cards doesn't increase memory. You would still have the power of two GPU's except it would be on a single card rather then double cards and by the time you buy dual video cards the price difference wouldn't really be that great. So why don't more people buy a single video card with dual GPU's it would seem better then two single GPU cards paired in SLI or Crossfire.
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    A Dual GPU card is just two PCB's (boards) slapped together, they still use SLI/Crossfire to function, and the microstuttering is still there.

    People choose Two cards over a Dual GPU card, because for Dual GPU's they are usually using two mid/high range chips rather then top tier chips, or they come with vastly reduced clock speeds.

    Aside from that, the overclocking headroom on Dual GPU cards is much lower and the heat output is harder to manage.
  2. Usually dual gpu cards are underclocked, so their sli and crossfire counterparts that perform at full speed will outperform.
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