How much power does the PSU draw

Hello mates.. Im here with a Question.. Iv been using Antec vp550 watts psu for my rig that i built 3 months back.. this is the rig

i7 2600
Intel dp67bg Extreme Mobo
Corsair 4gb x 2 ddr3 1600 mhz ram
1tb hdd
GTx 560ti 1gb
Antec 100 lite.

Recently I Upgraded my cabinet to Antec 1200 and with that I bought Corsair AX850...
but after the upgrade my PC perfomance has gone down a bit.. my pc sometimes lagg and my fps in games Drop sometimes and when i play games.. my monitor slightly flicker.. very slightly black n blue...

MY question is.. does the 850 watts psu draw that much power from the socket even if the PC uses only 400watts?
im asking this because my area has power fluctuation problems and does not give proper Voltage.. ALso i have many other electronic home appliances on most of the time..
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  1. No it does not if anything it should be drawing less since it is more efficient!
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    a PSU will only draw as much power as it needs to.

    if the computer is demanding 400w from your 85% efficient 850w PSU then your PSU will draw 470w from the wall socket.
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