Graphics Card wont recognize Drivers

hey so i recently purchaced a new Motherboard Processor Combo (MSI 970a-g45 with the 6100 6 core AMD) and it has been working find for a week or so until recently

im having an issue where sometimes the graphics card doesnt recognize the drivers i have installed (graphics card: GTX 465) and just shows up as the VGA standard graphics in device manager, i try updating via windows and nothing happens, ive even tried reinstalling the driver and the driver doesnt see the graphics card.

i tried swapping out the card to another one i have (Radeon 6870) but when i use that one i dont even get a bios post or anything.

after tinkering around in the case i found that taking out/putting in the cmos battery usually fixes the issue until i restart the computer again.

note: the computer starts to run slower/i hear fans going crazy (graphics card fans) as time progresses so just constantly keeping the computer on isnt really an option

does anyone know the root of this problem??
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  1. contact support of nVidia or manufacturer of that card
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