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I have been researching some gaming headsets and so far, for under $200 the Corsair 1500 vengeance seems to be the best bet.

Some say the bass lacks in this headset, however, if properly configured(like some people say) it will have a nice crystal clear bass.

Currently I own an USB Creative Fatal1ty HS-1000...4-5 years of use, never broke, they fall alot of times, but sometimes the sound will sound distortioned due to the rude use I gave them....2-5 hours a day of use...for 5 years...That's around 5000 hours of use.

So...will the Corsair 1500:

1) Last me at least 2 years?
2) Bass improvement over current headset?
3) Better enemy positioning?

cheers and thanks!
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  1. Best solution: A decent headphone paired with a clip-on mic. I have a very low opinion of any "gaming" headset.
  2. Ok, so I researched more, and yesterday I decided it was time to get an upgrade, so I decided to buy the Corsair 1500(after reading your reply) and well....huge dissapointment.

    1) They are heavy
    2) The software used is weak compared to the X-FI CMS3D panel from ceative.
    3) Gets hot and uncomfortable after 1 hour of gaming.
    4) The sound for gaming/music/movies is inferior to the HS-1000.

    Maybe I got used to the software from creative, but, what will be a good upgrade?

    Is it worth to get a Refurb Titanium sound blaster x-fi sound card($49) and_

    1) Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha ($49) or
    2) Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma ($69) or
    3) Samson SR850 ($49)

    or a normal headphone?

    note: If possible, a small/lightweight headset like the hs-1000...I don't care about color or shape/aesthethics.

    It's ok also if it doesn't have a mic, I got a separate Logitech desk mic in the shelve.
  3. 60 views, 1 reply...this forums are dead, however, when a reply it's given, it's quality.
  4. useless forums, got 10- quality replies at other forum.
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