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I was planning on getting a few things but won't need them till right before Diablo 3 comes out, May 15.

That being said, with a new build I was planning on getting the i5 2500k, but with Ivy bridge possibly some time in april, will there be a price drop in i5 Sandy bridge or will they drop the line altogether?

On the GPU side, Nvidia should be releasing the Kepler line at the beginning of April (hopefully). Will this probably result in a price drop for the 500 series (namely the 560ti). My budget for the gpu card is about $180, so if the price dropped down that would be a sweet deal.

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated :]
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    You will probably be able to get either a 560 TI or a 6950 for about 180 after Kepler comes out, yes.

    From the press statements I have heard, the 35xxk (2500k replacement) will cost about the same as a 2500k costs right now.

    Even if they drop the line altogether there are still like a million 2500ks out and about so you should be able to get one for cheaper than a 35xxk will cost when it comes out. It is 10% worse after all. They can't really get away with keeping the price the same or they won't be able to clear out the old inventory.
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