HP laptop any good?


i was just wondering if anyone knows about this laptop or ever had one and can give me advice on it.



hdd 750

proc quad-2.4

ram 4g ddr3

graph radeon hd 6520 integrated

price 399

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  1. never bought another hp laptop since the DV series overheating graphics chip fiasco

    and hps lousy customer support regarding it

    get an asus or something decent
  2. I have heard that HP's customer support is terrible, though I've never experienced it for myself.

    As for the hardware itself, as long as you're not expecting fantastic graphics performance, it should be fine.
  3. For $399 canadian I would say thats a good price for that laptop, you guys never seem to get the current stuff.

    What is it you are hoping to do with this laptop?
    It woudl handle normal & office tasks just fine. For gaming that integrated GPU isn't much stronger than the HD3000 that comes with integrated in Intel laptops.
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