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Hello enthusiasts

I will be traveling abroad in the next days and I *need* to take my build with me. I still have the original boxes for every part, so the GPU, PSU HDD, etc, will be traveling safely in their boxes.

The problem is, I don't know what to do with my processor. Would it be safer to leave it plugged in the motherboard and pack the motherboard in it's box?

Or would it be safer to remove the processor, pack it in it's own box, and then plug it back when I get to my destination?

Any advice or suggestion is appreciated for real!
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    You're probably better off leaving the CPU attached to the motherrboard. As long as the socket plate is still locked down, the CPU shouldn't move. Taking the CPU out adds the risk of bent pins either on the CPU or the motherboard socket depending on which CPU you have.
  2. flying or driving?

    if driving shouldnt need to disassemble anything--i have put my tower unit in the car loads of times and driven long

    distance with no issues--i just put a blanket in the boot to stop scratches and lay the tower down on its side with the

    heatsink in the upright position
  3. @Supernova Thanks, that's why I'd rather not have to unisntall/reinstall processor. The heatsink fan is safe to remove and place again is it? It doesn't fit in the mobo box..

    @mcnumpty Haha yeah I take whole pc's on car all the time too, but this time i'm flying.
  4. You can remove the CPU cooler if you want, but you will have to clean off the CPU and apply new thermal paste when you put the system back together if you do that.
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