First ever built questions and problems

Hello all,
Just finished my first ever built and I have a couple of questions, if you would so kind to answer.

First, I have an Antec eleven hundred, the top fan is a 200mm fan. This is where the problem comes, the case came with a 8Molex PCB board in which you can plug in up to 4 fans, so I did, it runs on high and makes a rattling sound, I'm assuming since it's so big and it's a 200mm and there is no way to change the speed it always run on high, will connecting it to the mobo and changing the speed to medium fix it?

Question two, I installed all the drivers and Windows update but in device manager, I'm stilling missing a driver "Unknown Device". Is there a program that detects and stills drivers?

This question might sound pretty dumb, it's a PSU question, if I have a 750 W PSU but my built only uses 500W, will I only use the 500W necessary to run the built? I have a Corsair Enthusiast 750W supply.

Cooler master question, I'm currently using a Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus and my temps are in the Mid 30c and sometimes breaking 40 when in 60-75% load (stock) is that decent or should be worried, based on previous google searches it's decent, this cooler it's waayyy overrated.

Ready for more questions?

I'm kinda new to the new Bios but am I running on AHCI on all my drives? I need them to, as I have an SSD.

If you actually stuck this long and willing, I owe you a internet muffin :D
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    hey I had this problem but are you sure the screws are in tightly because that rattling is the screws rattling, anyways make sure the fan is in the case and that you are using the right screws maby he right screws to use came with the case when i installed my front 2 120 mm fans i had to use the screws from my case. so just make sure everything is tight and in the right place because the onlyway to change the speed would be to power the fan off of your motherboard and that is hard to do not to mention that you only have a mulex plug adapter but the plug that goes into the molex plug you know you should see it maby that can go into the pin marked fan on the motherboard just double check everyting and get back to me after you have done this! good luck!
  2. 1: that circuit board just allows you to connec the fans to a single molex power connector. You will need to check the motherbds specs to to see what amps or wattage it supports on its fan headers before plugging it in. Plugging the fan into the motherbd wont fix a rattling fan. Find out why its loose.

    2:You missed a driver. My first guess would be usb3 drivers. You dont list which motherbd so can't help you further.

    3: Your power supply will only use slightly more than it needs to run your system. Theres a loss in converting the wall electricity to the electricity the pc uses.

    4: You are in the normal temp range. The 212+ isnt overrated. Its a real good cooler and nothing in that pricerange (around $20-25) even comes close to cooling as good as it. Sure there are better cooler but at more than double the price. Keep in mind you'd be running 60 degrees easy on the stock cooler. run prime95 for a while and check your peak temp.

    5: I cant tell from here if your running ahci or not. Its a bios setting so you need to go see for yourself. Bear in mind that if your running in ide/legacy or sata mode its not a big deal to switch but you need to run FIX IT on MS's page here before you change the bios.

    6: I like cheesecake. :-)) LOL
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  4. what helped you in your predicament?
  5. Well it wasn't the screws nor was the case, it was the fan. A fix (sort of) would be taking out the fan and putting some padding on the logo sticker or you can just switch it from exhaust to intake. A new fan should fixed it, I will be calling Antec to see if I can get a new fan otherwise I'm just going to buy a new one, if that is the case, Antec scam me off 20 dollars.
    Do you have an Antec Eleven Hundred?
  6. nah i have a HAF 912 nice case buy hopefully that will work out for you!
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