PSU possibly causing stuttering

I have been experiencing stuttering and some hang ups in almost all games and i'm beginning to think it might be my power supply. I tested with each stick of ram individually and that didn't help. I checked all my temps and they all seemed acceptable but i added another fan anyways and that didn't help. I've removed all unnecessary processes, defragged, and ran antivirus. By the recommendation of a friend i tried underclocking my cpu, graphics card, and ram separately as well as overclocking slightly. I have had no luck with any of these options.

Is it possible that my power supply is causing this stuttering?

If so what wattage power supply would i need and is there anything in particular i should watch for when im shopping.

--My specs--
PSU: 550 watts
GPU: ati radeon hd 5770
CPU: amd phenom ii x4 925 2.8ghz
RAM: 4gbs ddr3 (2 sticks 2gb each)
HDD: 1tb 7200 rpm
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  1. Stuttering and Hangups would mostly be caused by graphics drivers, I would try updating them, or reinstalling them before anything else.
  2. I have a very hard time imagining how the PSU could be related to stuttering. Insufficient power would cause the PC to crash, reboot or fail to boot.

    As for how large a PSU you need, your system should max out somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-250W so a good 380W PSU (ex.: Antec Earthwatt 380) would be more than enough.
  3. i tried reinstalling my drivers and updating them several times. I used driver sweeper to get rid of the old ones too.
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