Will my PSU work?

Here's the rig :)

CPU: Q9550 Quad Core @2.83GHz
RAM: 4GB of DDR2 RAM @ 800MHz
GPU: nVidia GTX 560ti Fermi
MoBo: Asus P5KPL-VM
One HDD of 455GB of memory and one DVD-RW drive

:) half this stuff is already in my pc, so i'm just wondering if the GPU will be fine under my PSU

it's a: 630WATT with two 12V rails both have 22amps.
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  1. yes.
  2. yep you good to go
  3. Assuming it has any quality to it at all you should be fine. The Q9550 and GTX560TI can pull some power when pushed so lower PSUs can falter.

    630? 2 rails? Sounds like a suspect PSU to me. Take the side off and see who branded/made it.
  4. Let er' rip.
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