$730 budget gaming build

I have most of my parts figured out but i might need some help on some of the parts
Here is my build so far
INTEL CORE I5 2500K PROCCESOR-$180 @microcenter
GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 REV2.0-$35 @microcenter $50 dollars off
GSKILL RIPJAWS 8GB DDR3-1333MHz-$37 @newegg
EVGA GTX 560TI OR AMD RADEON 7850 $225/$260 @newegg
SEAGATE 500GB HDD 7200RPM SATA6.0GB/S-$75 @newegg
CORSAIR CX600V2 6OOW PSU-$70 @newegg
COOLERMASTER HAF 912-$60 @newegg
I will mostly do web browsing and gaming with this build, it is mainly for BF3 I am also looking to do a slight overclock in the future. I WILL NOT BE DOING CROSSFIRE OR SLI
I would like to know if this PSU is good enough and if i should save money and go for the GTX 560 ti instead of the AMD Radeon 7850.
Do not include monitor OS keyboard and mouse
Total 560ti- $682 with combos
Total 7850- $712 with combos
I did not add the rebates but they total up to be $55

If you have any comments on any of the other parts feel free to leave a reply
BUDGET: $730 and i will buy this in a month or so.
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    Whoa. Just wanna say that your timing and build are almost exactly the same as the one I'm going to build. Yes, the PSU is good enough (BECAUSE I ASKED THAT EXACT SAME QUESTION!! XD ). I'm personally waiting until the 7850 comes out (although I'll buy anyway in a month), since the worst that could happen is that prices stay the same. I would expect some prices to fall.... it depends. From what I gathered, the fps difference was negligent, but AMD has shown to be better for Radeon (go to the GPU forum and look at GTX560ti vs 6870, there's a bunch of info about Radeon vs GTX). Other than that, everything looks good :) . I just thought it was really cool that you had almost exactly the same build as the one I was building, and we were going to buy at the same time. Wait with me!

    EDIT: I am assuming you mean waiting for the 1GB version of the Radeon 7850. Because the 2GB version is out:
  2. ZThat's cool. Thanks for alerting me that there might be a 1gb version of the 7850 because I will definitely consider that to save some money. Also where are you getting your CPU and motherboard from because there is a great deal at microcenter where you get $50 off of any z68 motherboard with the i5 2500k. I will definitely wait a little for Kepler to release and see if the prices drop. Good luck with your build!
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