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CM Vortex Plus VS CM Hyper 212 EVO

Hello Guys,

I am looking at 2 coolers available in the market however, i am on a dilemma what to choose. I am "NOT" overclocking my system so this should be for cooling purposes only. My temp is around 58-61C under full load using prime95. Can someone give me advice on these 2?
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  1. do we have a good review in CM Vortex Plus. i got a tight case so i'm considering this item unless i have to upgrade my case to bigger one but not this time. i WON'T be OCing my rig and just want to minimize my temp while playing games. hope someone can help me here:(
  2. the 212+ / evo is the better cooler. the vortex is targeted to mini towers and HTPC set ups. as is your stock temps are very good for prime95 load.

    review of the vortex
  3. Which processor?
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    Get the evo,i'm running it right now.You won't be disappointed.
  5. Thanks Guys,

    Appreciate it! No wonder this forum is one of the best :bounce:

    @amuffin: AMD Athlon II X3 455 @ 3.3GHz (Rana)
  6. Thanks for responding quickly @ Area51reopened

    i read somewhere in this forum that i can verify it if it's a genuine cooler or not. I'm just concern about my casing and will this also work if system is not OC'ed? or this is just for OC'ed rigs? As posted above, not sure if this is effective if running @ full load because based on the review that i read, this cooler is indeed good for OC'ed rigs. Mod, please help! thanks!
  7. I'm using it on an overclocked FX8120,I'm at 4.0 ghz.
  8. yeah! it's good when your rig is OC'ed but what about just having the rig at full load running prime95...will it be as affective as an OC'ed system? Also, in the event that I'm going to purchase this today, do we have any recalls on this cooler. someone in this forum posted that there are coolers in the market that are not authentic so instead of looking at the serial # on teh fan, is there a way i can look it up in the BOX to check for authenticity?

    by the way, Mod? this will work with Asus M5A88V-evo with Athlon II X3 455 (Rana) right? can you give me a link that i can follow because from i heard, installing this is a bit tedious. Thanks and sorry for the trouble :(
  9. The Evo is great... I have the Hyper 212 Plus and I'm plenty satisfied, and it only improves on that design. I have a BE X2 555 running perfectly at 4.0Ghz (stock 3.2Ghz)
  10. What case do you have.Because the evo is pretty big.
  11. The evo works with socket AM3.
  12. i believe, it's just an HTPC case. i called the store today and told me that it's exactly the same size as my case's width but not sure though if i have enough space because i have a side panel fan. also, a bit concern about my RAMs, if the cooler will hit those 2 sticks that i have. fyi, my CM extreme power plus 500 is attached on top of the tower so i believe it is considered as HTPC case.

    so it'll work with Asus M5A88V-evo but can it handle OC? thanks for the link via :lol:
  13. Ram with larger heatsinks could be an issue.
  14. I have a mid tower and it barely fits.

    My case ^ Just fits in it

    Most HTPC cases run small so it probably won't fit
  16. Sir, i using Kingston Hyper X 8GB (2x4GB)
  17. what i'm planning is to buy the evo then leave the side panel open so that in the future, in the event that i'm going to upgrade my case, i can get some recommendations from this forum. can you tell me what's the best option Mod? thanks!
  18. hello sir,

    i checked my case and looks like 212 evo won't fit in so i check CM site again and now on a dilemma between vortex + and hyper TX3 evo (is this better than vortex plus) i can't find a review on this in our forum and one more thing it's just 136mm and easy to install w/out using a backplay? any thoughts on this? thanks!
  19. hello Mod, thanks for all the advice. one question though, since 212 evo won't fit my system? any cooler that you have in mind next to this level? is hyper tx3 / tx3 evo next to 212 evo's level as far as cooling the cpu? thanks!
  20. I would just save my money and build a new rig.That cooler is almost the same size as the evo.
  21. i believe 212 evo is 159mm while tx3 evo is 136 which is guess fits my case but as far as performance, not sure about its review :whistle:
  22. I have read reviews that it performs quite well.
  23. indeed Mod but before i buy this item, i am also asking for you thoughts on this because i read online that this also performs well with mid OC but in my case, i won't be OC'ing my system, not sure if this cooler will still give me same result if UN'OCed

    Mod, can i ask you a question, off topic: i left my system for more than 14 hours then after work, i went home and check, system shut down and i checked the event logs in the control panel and says it has something to do with the "kernel power". is that normal that it will shut down by itself? i left it on sleep mode while downloading the software that i purchased online. is there something wrong with my PSU?
  24. It just means the computer shut down for some reason,don't be alarmed unless it happens again.
  25. not sure what happened honestly but i tried changing the "power options" to "NEVER" instead of having the system go on "SLEEP MODE". is that okay? going back to the enquiries that i have regarding cooler, after work later, i'll go to the store and check on that item...which would you recommend based on reviews? TX3 or TX3-EVO? many thanks!
  26. mine is also set to never.
  27. thanks for the info sir, just bought my evo and had it installed last night. if you don't mind, can you give me the first step on how to OC my system? thanks!
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