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First sory for my english its not my first language: I have a asus cross hair (the first one) mobo. 4gb of ram ddr2 800- and evga 9600gt low power edition. i did a bios upgrade and put a amd athlon x2 7750 cpu my psu is a raidmax not sure if its the 530 or 630 w. The problem is im an capped with my motherboard cant get better than the 1 phenom generation on it and im not hardcore gamer on pC anymore i play big game on ps3 or box360 but i want to replace my graphic card to maxx out the 2-3 games i play on PC starcraft,lotro, and mass effect untill ill replace my pc in 1-2 years. Any suggestion for a graphic card to replace my 9600gt between 100 and 150$ max
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  1. Why not start another thread asking "should I upgrade mu GPU?' Not really please don't double post. Look at the hierarchy chart,3107-7.html
    Find one in your budget and determine if you have enough PSU. If you get more GPU than your mobo can handle you can always keep the GPU if you upgrade.
  2. First for the double post i just registered and said error for my first message but look like it work second if i take time to put all my pc spec its because i dont know what my (asus crosshair mobo) can handle and i need advice thx
  3. Your motherboard isn't an issue. It is your power supply that is more likely to limit the cards you can use. Tell us the brand and model of the PSU.
  4. Raidmax really sucks, one should never buy cheap units. They aren't worth it when they fail and burn out the comp. Your cpu is on the weak side but I suggest that you go with a cheap 5750/6750. They are cheap and perform rather well.
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