Replacing a GTX 570

Hey all -

My GTX 570 stopped working yesterday and I'm temporarily using my old 4870x2 as the 570 had no output.

My question is: Can you recomend any cards as a replacement? I have a decent machine (i7-2600k, 1k w PSU, 8gb ram, 1920x1200 res) but I'm not sure about-

-Timing, is it worth me spending 300$+ now - or is there a new series coming out soon that I'd be best off saving for and buying a mid-range card now.

-Are there any cards that have recently dropped in price but are still considered competitive in this range...

I'm playing only SWTOR and SC2 and am trying my best to filter information but there's so much to process that it would really help to get some advice.

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  1. first you need to check your card with other pc then make up the plan for new one.
  2. Thanks for the replies - trying to not turn this into a tech support thread but basically everything was fine for months and last week I started to randomly crash when running 3d programs. Then yesterday I open up SWTOR and it just goes to black screen, since then I was getting no signal sent to the monitor.

    Switched it to the 4870 and it was fine... I mean, is there really any option but to replace it? Even if it works on another PC it's not like I can make it work on mine :S
  3. A different card works in his system... chances are it's the card. How old is it? Warranty?
  4. The warranty is probably still good which means you may be able to get another one for free minus the shipping.
  5. The GTX570 hasn't even been out for a year yet, so unless you've done something to void your warranty it should certainly be covered still.
  6. Thanks again for the quick answers, getting it on warranty would be amazing but...

    I just spent the last 30m looking for an invoice or receipt but might be out of luck >_< I'm going to send them an email - who knows maybe they'll let me off the hook.

    Any of you guys claimed warranty on something without a receipt lol? :(
  7. Where did you purchase the card from?
  8. NCIX in Vancouver BC Canada
  9. If you ordered from their website then you should be able to pull up a "receipt" that has the date of purchase.
  10. Yes, it's an EVGA card but unfortunately I think I bought this in-store and there's no record on my account. Frustrating as I almost always buy online... maybe I can find a bank statement showing a purchase of the same value.
  11. I think you only get 90 days to register the card.
  12. Hell, give eVGA a call and see if they'll do something for you. Their tech support is superb and they may replace the card for you if you have the serial number in hand.
  13. Thanks I'm going to try that now-!!
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